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Size of trade show booth: 25, 65 oder 95 m2

Location: Cologne, Amsterdam, Milan
Trade show: POWER-GEN Europe
Design: plan-j GmbH


Highly adaptable trade show concept on a modular basis with perfectly coordinated design and decoration. The concept has already been used several times in different sizes at the POWER-GEN Europe and thus proved to be a particularly economical variant for a successful trade show appearance.

To be successful in today’s business world, adaptability and flexibility are required – also and especially in marketing. With our trade show concept for SPX Balcke-Dürr at POWER-GEN Europe, we pursued and delivered precisely this: a flexible and adaptable brand presence. The booth has already been realised at several energy technology trade shows in 25 sqm, 65 sqm and 95 sqm and thus provided our client with an economically particularly efficient communication measure. The architectural concept is based entirely on the motto “modularity is trump”. For example, the counter consists of three components that can also be used individually. The concept is ideal for multiple use under different conditions – whether in Cologne, Amsterdam or Milan. This functional exhibition booth is characterised by individual adaptability, variable sizes and fast set-up and dismantling times.

But a holistic concept must really include all areas – in the case of a trade show presence, this includes not only the architecture, but also decoration and catering that are coordinated with the CI. Our SPX concept is holistic – through and through.