Variable Tradeshow Concept for Construction Equipment Fairs in China, Europe and the United States

Economic and flexible tradeshow appearance concept – deployable worldwide

Flexible and integral tradeshow and event concept for worldwide deployment at construction equipment tradeshows – architecture and design concept, press conferences, tradeshow services, catering and corporate hospitality concept – all tailor made to accommodate the wide range of demands at the respective venues for international construction equipment tradeshows.

Our variable tradeshow concept for construction machine tradeshows has already been implemented more than ten times in different colors, forms, sizes and formats. It has been on display at all important international construction equipment shows: the bauma China in Shanghai, the INTERMAT in Paris, the CONEXPO in Las Vegas, the Swiss Construction Machine Fair in Bern and of course the “mother” of all construction equipment events – the bauma in Munich.

The Ace in the Hole: Flexibility

So what are the hallmarks of a successful tradeshow concept for a manufacturer and global distributor of construction equipment? The brand has to retain all of its brand legacy and be recognizable everywhere – in China, Europe, the United States and every other country where the enterprise does business. This means that every facet of the tradeshow presentation has to be consistent. The aim for the CI and branding is to be evident in the architectural and graphic design, but also in the ambiance, culinary offerings and hospitality at the show venue and of course in the service extended to the clientele.

We attained precisely this objective in the partnership with our customer of many years – Liebherr International – thanks to our tradeshow concept. Anything that looks like Liebherr, feels like Liebherr, tastes like Liebherr and is perceived as Liebherr has Liebherr at its core. Regardless of the cost, size and location of the respective tradeshow.

We call this service our “sustainable tradeshow concept.” All of its aspects embody the Liebherr brand on all venues anywhere in the world.

Every event venue is unique because of its spatial and cultural situation. A tradeshow concept designed for worldwide use for several years to make it cost effective, has to be flexible enough to accommodate the needs of the respective target group and the local conditions every time. The diverse expectations of the tradeshow visitors have to be taken into account while we simultaneously have to protect the instantly identifiable appearance and recognizability of the brand.

Recognizable yet tailored to the local needs

What exactly does this mean? At the CONEXPO in Las Vegas, where Liebherr is traditionally assigned the largest exhibition space, for instance, our booth has three levels, while it just has two in Shanghai. However, the Chinese version has a generously appointed patio on the roof. “Size matters” in the United States, were even the trashcans are larger than at any of our other venues.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that remains consistently the same in our architectural concept – the spotlight is on the exhibits and the booth architecture emphasizes this fact by showcasing the products on exhibit as effectively as possible. Moreover, we keep the tradeshow design language consistent at all venues. Moreover, the booth has a similar and recognizable room set-up at every tradeshow. The graphic design of the details, on the other hand along with the changing corporate hospitality concept for catering as well as the decorations, give each tradeshow its hallmark character at every location.

Catering, decoration and graphic design adapt the booth to local characteristics

Given that we always develop the architectural, graphic, decorative, culinary and organizational approaches hand-in-hand and closely coordinate everything as soon as the project is rolled out, our customers can rest assured that the implementation of the tradeshow presentation on location will be a perfectly smooth experience, all details are coordinated and attract the full attention of the tradeshow visitors. As a result, guests who visit the show feel welcome and comfortable, which provides the fertile ground that is so essential for fruitful business meetings. Visitors also leave with a good and lasting impression. Some claim that years after the bauma in Shanghai, visitors remembered the friendly service at the Liebherr booth and the delicious bratwurst they were treated to…

Hence, the message delivered at the tradeshow is firmly embedded in the minds of visitors and thus has a lasting effect.