Tables Start Thinking – Interactive Product Presentation Tool for Intricately Connected Systems

How does one explain the intricate connections between product lines in aircraft construction? Not an easy task, not even for experienced sales staff.

Nevertheless, the interaction between the systems is one of the core strengths of our customer Liebherr-Aerospace, a company that has used our services for many years. The easy-to-visualize depiction of this strength was one of the objectives for tradeshow presentations at airshows around the globe.

So how does one present the products in such a manner that complex technical system interdependencies become tangible? The solution: our ‘Thinking Table’ – an interactive audio-visual presentation tool developed jointly by our architectural, live marketing and communication design experts.

The ‘Thinking Table’ is not only a digital catalogue of products, but it enables the sales people to present the products working live and in action and to show the connections and interactions between the product systems in detail.