Berlin, Berlin, We’re Digging In Berlin – Company Branch Opening in Berlin

Ever wonder what the people of Berlin love most about their city? The Kiez! And that’s not just the latest trend, it’s been a tradition for decades. Whenever someone wants to celebrate an occasion – they go – you guessed it – to the Kiez and everyone – family, friends, kids and acquaintances – tags along.

In June 2014, Liebherr Baumaschinen Vertriebs- und Service GmbH opened a new branch in Berlin and that was – of course – an occasion for a celebration. Plan-j was commissioned to come up with a concept for the grand opening celebration and what we delivered was a typical Berlin-style street festival with some history city elements, such as a 1920s style café and a beer garden reminiscent of the metropolis’ old breweries. The cocktail bar and lounge represented the modern, dynamic Berlin of today.

Not only did attendees have the opportunity to see exhibits of the customer’s products – they were actually presented in action modules, so that guests had the opportunity to drive actual excavators and backhoes as well as models of the vehicles. A Liebherr product also played the leading role in a show presented by a 3D artist. The artist painted a skyline of Berlin, in which the illusion of a hole in the ground was created in 3D. In combination with the excavator parked across from it, the design led people to believe that the construction equipment was lifting the city out of the soil.

A team of ‘trasseurs’ added some action and enthrallment to event. It did not stop for buildings nor the machines – true urban street style in a construction site ambiance. Several live and music acts completed the entertainment program.

Berlin in the fall is of course not known to have fabulous, reliable weather conditions. Just a few days before the event, the weather forecast predicted doom and gloom. So we doubled up on our planning activities – we prepared for an outdoor as well and an indoor event just to make sure we could host the entire celebration in the halls of the branch premises. After all, a rained out street festival is not much fun at all – however, the weather did hold up throughout the event.