Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Airshow China in Zhuhai

In addition to the ‘regular’ tradeshow business at 2014 Zhuhai Airshow, we’ve organized a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Primarily, it was a symbolic act to celebrate the opening of our client’s new ‘customer repair shop’ in Shanghai, which was to open two days later. Particularly, our graphic design expertise was put to use in the conception and execution of the ceremony. Alternating moving images of the new shop and galloping horses were displayed on the product-pillars.

But what the heck are horses doing at an airshow? After all, horses aren’t known for their wings nor does their biological make-up enable them to survive in space. Yet, these horses were perfectly appropriate as 2014 in China the ‘Year of the Horse’ was celebrated standing for stability and vitality. So every Chinese visitor would understand immediately and did draw the line from these horses to the values for which our customer stands for.