Components à la Carte – Corporate Hospitality at bauma Munich

When designing the components booth at bauma Munich 2013, of course we stayed true to our general principle of an integral approach – including not only architecture and design, but also food, beverages and decoration. The indoor booth was all about ‘components’ – why not make this theme a sensual experience?

Completely Combinable

The hospitality area filled the complete upper floor of the components booth and was divided into a restaurant area and two separate meeting rooms. The latter could be opened and joined with the restaurant zone e. g. during lunch time. As the meeting rooms had movable walls they could as well be joined together to form one big room. This variable room concept offered appropriate hospitality space for meeting groups of any size.

Culinary Cuisine Creates Contrasts

Already while entering the upper floor visitors were welcomed by the smell of hot coffee and food freshly prepared in the open kitchen. Even the decoration did contribute to this aromatic ambience – culinary herbs like rosemary placed on the bar set floral as well as aromatic accents.

Standing in contrast to the puristical designed exhibits area on the ground floor the cozy atmosphere was rounded off by lamps emitting soft-toned light. Having been tipped with hand-made origami elements by a social institution these lamps did not only fulfill their functional purpose but nearly appeared as art objects and added another decorative touch.

Quartet Cards Compose Courses

At lunch time the visitors were spoilt for choice – according to their personal preferences the guests could have their meal created and compiled from various ‘components’. To make this choice easier we created a menu in form of a quartet card game.

Working in the open kitchen the chef then freshly composed the quartet from the courses meat / fish, vegetables / salad, side dish and sauce to a personal components menu for every guest. To serve this individually created lunch and allocate it correctly to the guest both the seats and the quartet card games have been numbered. Now you are thinking of bread and circuses? Don’t you dare!