The Wall is Gone – Fiat Scudo Product Launch in Berlin

The product launch for the Fiat Scudo Van into the German market, which was ushered on the premises of Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport, was presented as an emotional journey into the world of the Fiat Scudo.

Four different event components were presented in succession in a single room:

_ a reception and press conference

_ a show act focusing on the Scudos driving into the presentation followed by a hands-on presentation of the vans

_ a gala dinner with large-scale screen demonstrations

_ a Scudo lounge featuring a party and live music

The unique challenge: While the programming was progressing in one part of the room, ad hoc conversions had to be completed in another part of the room.

The ingenious solution for this production: The room was separated by a “wall” made of Styrofoam. Hence, the conversion work could be completed on the opposite side. Most importantly: This design made it possible to add a lot of drama to the arrival scene of the Scudos – the vans “broke through” the wall – in Berlin of all places!