plan-j Developes Tradeshow Etiquette Manual

Guidance for Tradeshow Appearances

plan-j, agency for live-marketing and architecture based in Frankfurt am Main, has designed a tradeshow guidance film for one of their clients from the engineering sector. The video acts as a professional guidance tool for the various stages of a successful tradeshow.

In essence, the film is a practical guide to the behavioral patterns of salesmen and clients alike. In a series of episodes the two protagonists in the film demonstrate, sometimes quite comically, how to optimize and tackle various everyday situations at exhibitions.

The focus of the film lies on themes such as, tradeshow preparation, situation worthy clothing and communicative elements such as confident customer approach as well as the consistent implementation of the corporate values. Further important aspects of the animated film focus on the optimal usage of the booth infrastructure by staff, the appearance of staff and the presentation of the company during the tradeshow.

Booth Staff Training

plan-j has also made this tradeshow tool available to other companies and adapts the script according to the individual requirements of the respective tradeshow projects. Joe Kinze, creative director and head of communications at plan-j says, ‘With our tradeshow guidance film the booth staff can be adequately prepared and schooled well in advance. It also guarantees that all ideas concerning the representation of products, achievements and brand values are satisfied. As such, it is a further piece of the puzzle for an all-around successful tradeshow. It is in this integral approach that we see our most important task as consultants and partners of our clients.’

Caption: Joe Kinze is sketching (Foto: plan-j, may be copied or distributed when indicating the credits)

Published May 2015