Origami in Paris, ‘Brez’n’ in Zhuhai – Fair Catering à la Carte

Think global – eat local! There are not that many airshows happening but they take place worldwide. As concerns the architectural concept of a globally applicable fair booth it’s all about the brand recognition in varying environments. Though the corporate hospitality concept should focus on the regional and cultural characteristics of the hosting country. Clients and visitors should be welcomed heartily and feel comfortable in every sense(s).

That’s why we have designed our corporate hospitality concept for the airshow booth to be universally applicable in France, Germany, China and the UK but different and individually in details.


Whereas the design of the exhibition area is very clear, reduced and cool, the hospitality area creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Floating Origami objects incorporate the idea of ‘airiness’ – you can see classic natural elements like birds and flowers, but if you look more closely you’ll even find aircrafts and UFOs!

Table decoration picks up local elements e.g. silhouettes of the hosting city printed on the placemats. Interior and furniture as well as the floral decoration are designed according to country-specific colours and shapes.


The catering concept goes along with the hospitalty concept: dishes typical for the region are served in a “street food style”, prepared freshly by a reliable local supplier. But as flexible as we are, sometimes we change our mind: as in China typical German food is high appreciated, in Zhuhai the guests enjoyed Bavarian ‘Brezn’ and ‘Weisswurst’. Bon apetit!