The Great Mining Show – MINExpo Las Vegas 2016

There is no business like show business – and this slogan doesn’t describe any city better than it does sin city – Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course it makes perfect sense to put mining on the stage in the world’s showbiz metropolis.

On the Liebherr Mining MINExpo 2016 tradeshow booth, the center stage boasting a gigantic LED wall was the highlight of the tradeshow presentation. The fan-shaped booth architecture also helped draw the focus of attention to the action on stage at all times.

A loose arrangement of seats was scattered around the stage. The program presented on stage was a well blended mix of expert interviews with product managers as well as audience interactions, which kept guests at the booth for extended periods of time.

Via TED, the audience participated in entertaining Liebherr Mining related quiz shows and learned about Las Vegas fun facts. These activities drew lots of cheers from the tradeshow visitors.

Another highlight of the weeklong tradeshow was the reveal of the T 236 mining truck, which can handle loads of up to 100 t and had been hidden under a Kabuki curtain. Of course this kind of show element is nothing new for a product presentation at this renowned tradeshow – and definitely not in Las Vegas. However, one certainly does not see a Kabuki effect boasting these dimensions – a curtain that was 12 m high and had a circumference of 50 m – every day.