Light Leads – Light Installation as Orientation and Guidance System for SAP AG

Lighting installation, partially realized, as an orientation and guidance system on the premises of SAP’s Walldorf, Germany headquarters. The design concept creates visibility from afar as a marketing tool.

Rarely one is presented with the opportunity for graphical and photometric expression on the same scale as we were with this project. Actually, there were two projects to be implemented, which made the whole idea even more attractive.

The client’s briefing expressed the wish to make the company’s headquarters stand out more visually, particularly for anyone passing by on the nearby expressway. Thus, we created two lighting installations: One was to guide the visitors from the highway to the corporate headquarters, while the second installation strikingly highlighted the HQ building.

The ‘light path’ directing guests from the expressway to the headquarters was created from a compilation of pylons installed along the road and glowing in the company colors – ultimate guideposts. The light installation to be installed on the HQ building was considerably more elaborate, which was mirrored in the design and quality of the product. We created a suspended cube made up of 300 sophisticated glowing bulbs. What makes this 3-dimensional illumination assembly so unique is that each of the 300 balls can be controlled individually, which allows the company to create any color pattern it desires. It is a truly enlightening concept.