Airy and Shortly – Interiors Show imm Cologne

‘Inflatable’ architectural concept realized at very short notice for the high-end audio furniture manufacturer ‘finite elemente’ at the interiors show imm Cologne.

The unique aspect about clients such as ‘finite elemente’ is that they make our job in creating the design of their tradeshow appearances very easy. That‘s not to say that we don’t take these kind of projects seriously! But the exhibits are of such high quality and visual attractiveness that we only need to pay attention to a few details. This fact was particularly helpful this time, as we had taken the project on very short notice.

Less Is More

Since the high-end audio furniture pieces of ‘finite elemente’ show their full visual effect best if there is as less distraction as possible, it was our primary goal to leave as much free space on the booth as possible. Thus we needed to create a lucid and somewhat reduced architectural concept.

Airy Booth Design

The core design elements were white, inflatable wall units, which not only supported the exhibits visually, but also functioned as separators between the product areas on the booth. We added white molleton (silence cloth) drapes as well as professional lighting and an ingeniously simple but individualistic tradeshow booth was born.