Components Compact, But Not Packed – Booth Architecture at bauma Munich and Shanghai

At bauma Munich 2013 the indoor components booth should host an exhibition area as well as a hospitality area. As there was available a floor space of 130 sqm, only, we designed the booth as a two-story construction. The hospitality area was placed on the second story and provided a cozy and comfortable atmosphere created by lighting elements and wooden furniture in warm colors. In contrast, the exhibition area located on the ground floor had a puristic and minimalist style by using materials in black and white contrasts.

In order to utilize the given space at an optimum, the interior on the second story was designed as variable and flexible as possible. By movable walls the two meeting rooms could be combined into a bigger one, by removing these foldable walls even a restaurant and lounge area was generated. Also the kitchen was designed as an open ’show kitchen’.

The slotted front of the second story only allowed a limited view of the neighboring booths. So the visitors’ line of sight was naturally focused on the exhibits while customer meetings and conversations could be held in a more private atmosphere.