Graphics Connect the Space – Booth Design at bauma Munich

Our 2-story indoor booth at bauma Munich 2013 provided enough space for the large exhibits as well as the hospitality and meeting area on the upper floor. By a clever placing of graphic elements the exhibition’s goal never got out of sight, the big picture was always in the focus.

Between the two stories, a visual connection was created by a void, which fulfilled two functions: an unobstructed view from one story into the other was possible. Particularly the large exhibits were set in scene very effectively. Even during meetings, coffee breaks and lunch the exhibits remained the visual focus and central attraction of the booth.

On the rear side of the void we installed a media surface. This projection screen started on the lower floor level and climbed up zigzag to the upper story. On this slanted surface, ways and areas of operation as well as product details of the components were displayed and explained clearly and in-depth. All information was present and visible at any time from both the upper and the ground floor.

Actually, the big excavator machines were presented at the large area of the outdoor pavilion. Nevertheless, we did place an excavator at the indoor booth, even though it was 2-dimensional only. The stylized excavator silhouette on one of the back walls smoothly presented the smallest exhibits and helped to explain their functionalities.