Gulliver’s Plugs – SaMoTer Construction Equipment Tradeshow in Verona, Italy

A small environmental footprint in the construction industry? Are those two things mutually exclusive? Not in the eyes of our long time customer, Liebherr. The air and noise pollution emitted by large construction site vehicles and most especially their strong diesel engines is particularly hard to tolerate in major cities. What can operators do to reduce their pollutants? The answer: Electric engines.

The innovative construction machines fitted with electric drives were introduced in 2011 at the Italian construction equipment tradeshow SaMoTer 2011 in Verona. The challenge was to let tradeshow visitors know that the excavator was powered by electricity.

The solution: Gigantic models of small components. To make sure that not a single visitor would overlook them, we strategically placed a giant German electrical plug next to an oversized outlet into the exhibition area, which was just as eye-catching as Gulliver in the land of the dwarfs.