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Liebherr bauma Munich

Size of trade show booth: 13.500 m2

Location: Munich
Trade show: bauma
Catering und Communication concept: plan-j GmbH


  • Providing the trade show staff and visitors with food and drinks
  • Image transfer via high innovativeness, quality of food and service
  • Targeted control of staff and visitors in the individual areas
  • Location-related image cultivation
  • Psychological support for employees
  • Creating a welcoming atmosphere that communicates the “Liebherr family”
  • Avoidance of envy and resentment among employees


  • Size of the exhibition building
  • Limited space in the catering areas and kitchens
  • Satisfying different, sometimes conflicting needs and interests while respecting the corporate philosophy of a large family


The new trade show concept was to be a perfect interplay of both components – the architecture and the services – and thus lead to the big bang.

Liebherr wanted to present itself as a strong, solid company in this time of crisis, but did not want to give the impression of throwing money out the window. So every detail was checked for absolute necessity and consistent targeting.


The company philosophy of being down-to-earth with the highest quality and the tradition of a family-run company should be taken into account in every detail.

Down-to-earth and yet – according to the respective target group – appropriately valuable


The dimensions of the Liebherr booth, the exhibitor’s special corporate philosophy and the requirement to really welcome every guest appropriately and to meet their needs according to function, intention and position presented a challenge that Liebherr met with a holistic design and plan j with the associated catering concept.

In an elaborate interplay of architecture and catering, eleven differently structured areas were created in which the catering of the trade show guests was specifically used as a control element. The flow of visitors was regulated and an optimal atmosphere for discussion and work was created. Food and service at the highest level combined with Liebherr’s own down-to-earthness and cordiality created a successful trade show experience for the exhibitor and the international audience.

The individual areas fulfilled clearly defined functions and different demands, but the focus was on not creating a feeling of disadvantage between, for example, the staff in the pavilion and the staff in the outdoor area by serving food of comparable value.

Requirements on Food and Beverage:

  • Only fresh and regional ingredients of the highest quality are used, e.g. German sparkling wine instead of champagne and freshly baked, genuine Bavarian pretzels all day long
  • Innovative but not out of the ordinary
  • Light and healthy brain food such as homemade muesli bars, trail mixes and fresh smoothies.


The areas were divided as follows:

1.) Outdoor information

  • Salespeople and their guests
  • Healthy, filling finger food (same value as in the meeting rooms)

2.) Bar tables under the gazebos

  • Salespeople and their guests
  • Water and coffee “on the go”, branded promotional items from vendor trays

3.) Drivers’ bar and café

  • Point of contact for all trade show visitors, walk-in visitors
  • Oktoberfest atmosphere with Oktoberfest-experienced staff in appropriate outfits, beer, pretzels, coffee, cake, soft drinks

4.) Liebherr-Services

  • Coffee, beer, soft drinks
  • as a special gimmick: toolbox with tools made out of chocolate

5.) Dealer Centre

  • Dealers and customers
  • 3 small dishes of the day as well as original Bavarian specialities whose origin was explained on special menus

Enclosed areas

1.) VIP Bistro

  • Exclusively invited guests
  • Quicklunch with a guarantee to be kept warm, served on a wooden tray
  • Café Gourmand
  • Bar with Barista
  • Petit fours in the afternoon

2.) VIP Lounge

  • Exclusively invited guests
  • Flying menu changing according to the time of day, served on a small wooden tray
  • Wine- / whiskey and chocolate combination
  • Bar with Barista

3.) Press Lounge

  • Finger food as a flying menu
  • Food as in VIP Lounge, different serving form

4.) Meetingrooms

  • Soft drinks and hot drinks
  • Service personnel and integrated call button
  • Fresh finger food for every meeting

5.) Open meeting spaces

  • Retreat and waiting room when all meeting rooms are occupied
  • Supervised self-service analogous to executive or senator lounges
  • Healthy snacks as a finger food buffet

6.) Crewcatering

  • Supply option for employees, uncomplicated and at any time
  • Fresh fruit, varying sandwiches, sweets, drinks


Liebherr sets new standards in the trade show sector!

The “bauma” in Munich is the largest construction machinery trade show in the world and also the most important trade show in this sector for Liebherr. Despite global economic difficulties, Liebherr has decided not only to raise the bar architecturally, but also to set new benchmarks in catering and services: A 6800m2 pavilion on the 13,400m2 outdoor area – taken care of by around 1200 people as booth staff, in addition to their guests and visitors, who could not be more different. The family-run global company has recognised that catering contributes at least as much to a holistic trade show success as architecture.

In 11 catering zones, more than 100 service staff employees ensure that all target groups with different demands are fed in a down-to-earth but high-quality manner. Starting with the casual guest who is happy about a water or a few nuts. The excavator “fan” who gets his already traditional beer and pretzel. The dealer who has to provide his customers with high-quality food at the booth. All the way up to political delegations who are served new taste experiences in the VIP area.