Making Logistics Tasty – Anniversary Celebration and Grand Opening of the Logistics Center in Oberopfingen

Shipping boxes became menus, Euro palettes were turned into a bar. While people worked hard and many hours, they used hardly any third party materials for the decorations and fixtures as they prepared for the grand opening of the logistics center in Oberopfingen.

Guests held in their hands the very same materials the employees at the plant work with each and every day, as they ate a snack or ordered drinks from the bar. After some graphic and decorative enhancements added by plan-j, shipping boxes were used as signs and menus. Euro palettes and construction site fencing provided the fundamentals for the fixtures and furnishings.

Not only did this approach allow guests to experience the levelheadedness of our customer with all of their senses – the logistics theme was also reflected in every detail. Guests could touch it – even taste it.