Spatial communication creates space for communication!
That’s old hat? Not at all!
We see architecture as a means of communication, not as an end in itself; we bring spaces to life and let them communicate – with the people and the brand. We transform your brand into spatial communication and thus develop temporary structures with sustainable effect.

Corporate architecture is nothing new to us!
It is the platform and the stage for products and messages, works hand in hand with communication design and marketing – never detached, always as an integral part of the entire brand image – and thus creates the basis for brand communication.

Form follows function? Form follows brand communication!
We create brand architecture in an interdisciplinary manner and on par with our clients.
We develop, design and monitor the complete realization process, from the creative concept to tendering and cost control up to object supervision.

Is there space in even the smallest hut?
Right, it’s the idea that counts.
Space is relative – every little counts to create effective 3-dimensional brand worlds.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do!
So many countries – so many customs, rules, regulations, preferences, tastes and communication styles. But we deeply understand.
Thanks to our many years of experience worldwide, we know how to showcase products for different kinds of perceptions and audiences – whether in China, Europe or the USA.
We look at your brand from the international point of view.