Construction equipment is huge and expensive, so these products are not sold in mass quantities. However, construction equipment is in demand all over the world, including and especially in “remote” areas.

So what are the hallmarks of a successful tradeshow concept for a manufacturer and global distributor of construction equipment? The brand has to retain all of its brand legacy and be recognizable everywhere – in China, Europe, the United States and every other country where the enterprise does business. This means that every facet of the tradeshow presentation has to be consistent – regardless of cost, size and venue. The aim for the CI and branding is to be evident in the architectural and graphic design, but also in the ambiance, culinary offerings and hospitality at the show venue and of course in the service extended to the clientele. In a nutshell: The entire experience for the target audience has to be consistent.

We use the term “sustainable tradeshow concept” to describe this approach.

This term defines a tradeshow concept that can be used worldwide for several years, which makes it highly flexible and therefore cost effective. It can be adapted to the pertinent target group as well as the different cultural and spatial conditions on location.