The Airiness of Flying – Brand Architecture at International Airshows

The birth of aviation turned the globe into a global village  – flying connects continents and bridges long distances. Naturally, aviation tradeshows do take place all over the world like in in France, Germany, China and the UK. As a globally acting producer of extensive systems and components for manufacturers and operators of aircrafts our customer wants to make sure that his CI and traditional brand is recognized clearly in different markets worldwide. That was our challenge for creating a globally applicable booth design for airshows. ‘Airiness’ and flexibility are the core design ideas of our 2014 developed modular booth system. With a ‘floating architecture’ we make visible our customers high-quality and high-innovative products and systems. The booth design is based on 4 areas and so offers a maximum of flexibility and adaptability – not only to different ground shapes and sizes but even to the booth position in the hall and the flow of the visitors. Like in an aircraft’s cabin, the exhibits are set one after another on a ‘runway’ – an axe running diagonally through the booth. Visitors can clearly recognize the products as an entity and the interaction of the technical systems is visually revealed. Signage stands designed like aircraft steering gears provide detailed product information.
The design concept continues with light and graphic design, colour and premium-quality construction materials. The feeling of being in an aircraft is intensified by the contrast of snow-white Corian and deep-black glass. The walls of the meetings rooms are made from clear glass symbolizing again the ‘airiness’. Separated by foldable partitions the shape of the meeting rooms is as flexible as possible. The lighting accentuates the curved snow-white architectural structures and creates an illusion as if the whole booth were floating. Our airshow architectural concept is an advancement of the booth concepts from 2006 and 2012 and has been set up since 2014 in different ground shapes at more than ten international airshows in France, Germany, China and the UK – and it is still in use. In Paris and Berlin a chalet accompanies the indoor booth. Adaptable to varying regional and cultural environments and to latest product developments by modifying the graphic design and hospitality concept it is the perfect platform for our customers’ marketing and brand communication.